The Lauren Hammond Children's Cancer Foundation
Pumpkin's Poker Tournament
"The Poker Championship of
Georgia" will be August 30th at
Alpharetta Athletic Club East,
$1,000 1st prize.  call or e-mail
for details.
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We are preparing dinner for guest at
the Ronald McDonald House
Saturday January 19, 2008, join us!
Some of Lauren's favorite things

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"Oni and Cheese"
"I need
Nemo" aka I
want to
watch Nemo
"Brush and paste"
Sebastian was the
only thing to make
her laugh at times
Lauren had to
carry at least 3
passies at all times
"Mike Wasowski"
"Will & Grace"
Lauren would dance
to the theme song
and ask us to play it
over and over again
"A Bus"
She loved school
buses and would
always say "a bus"
instead of just "bus"
The Lauren Hammond Children's Cancer Foundation is a
fundraising arm for CURE Childhood Cancer.  (CURE)  

CURE is a non-profit organization dedicated to conquering
childhood cancer through research, education and support of
patients and their families.   

Until there is a cure for every child diagnosed with cancer -
CURE will be there.  Please visit CURE's website at

Lauren passed away November 10th, 2004, 8 days before
she would turn 3 years old.
Pumpkin, the name many of us called Lauren was born
November 18th, 2001.

Our daughter, Lauren, was truly an amazing little girl.  She
was diagnosed with Wilm's tumors (kidney tumors) at age
six months.  She endured chemotherapy, had both kidneys
removed, and spent more than one third of her life in the

Throughout it all, Lauren NEVER complained, and never
asked for anything.  She had a remarkable spirit that
changed lives forever.  Lauren lost her battle with cancer
on November 10, 2004.

Through this fund, we hope to help find a cure for
childhood cancers, and help those children and their
families fighting cancer in the meantime.  
Lauren Hammond
Children's Cancer
We want to thank everyone on
our "Board":
John & Michele Baker
Dawn & Alex Durham
Barry & Jerri Hegwood
Mike & Krista Hicks
Kenny Herron